The Apostles’ Doors

The current Twelve Apostles’ Doors installed between the north and main portions of the Sinking Spring Sanctuary were designed by Dr. Richard Taylor, Pastor-Sinking Spring Presbyterian, 1963-1979.

The panels were cut out in the old garage at the manse and were finished in the Fellowship Hall at the Church.  The best part of a year went into the making of these doors, perhaps in excess of 1500 hours.  Two boys were sent from Abingdon High School to assist Dr. Taylor.  Ray Landon Osborne (16 years of age) and John Lee Wright (14 years of age) worked afternoons from 4:00-8:30 PM, Monday through Friday.  They continued their work for approximately 18 weeks.  They kept the sabre saws and electric drills humming as they cut letters and practically all of the figures except the lines of expression on the faces.  Their help was beyond measure. Fabrication of rails, fittings and the hanging of doors was done by Malcolm Ornduff.  Staining and finishing was done by Hubert Poole and George Dennison. Architect Charles R. Day provided constant aesthetic advice throughout the project.

Join Sinking Spring Presbyterian in giving thanks for the talents and time given in service to Christ for the construction of the Apostles’ Doors.