Task Forces

Task Forces function like Ministry Teams, with two primary differences. First, rather than being a team of people that is established for the ongoing ministry of the congregation, a Task Force comes together to accomplish one expressed purpose. Once that purpose has been fulfilled the Task Force is disbanded and no longer exists. Second, with the exception of the Church Retreat Task Force, Task Forces report directly to the bodies that created them, rather than a particular Ministry Unit of the congregation. Although the Session is usually the primary body that is responsible for appointing and commissioning a Task Force, from time to time a Ministry Team may determine that the best way to fulfill its responsibility is through a Task Force. An example might be the Children’s Spiritual Formation Team deciding to appoint a Vacation Bible School Task Force in order to plan, implement, and carry out the annual Vacation Bible School, rather than take that responsibility on itself. Task Force members need not be members of the congregation and are appointed by the body that commissions the Task Force.