Ministry Team & Task Force Moderators

Ministry Team & Task Force chairs need not be elders but shall ordinarily be members of the congregation. Exceptions to this must be approved by the Session. Ministry Team Chairs are elected by the Ministry Team. Task Force Chairs are appointed by the commissioning body. Ministry Team & Task Force Chairpersons are responsible for coordinating, communicating, and overseeing the work of the Ministry Team or Task Force to which they have been called. A Ministry Team Chair ordinarily serves as chair for a period of one year, after which a new chair is elected. The outgoing chair may continue to serve on the Ministry Team if he/she chooses. This is especially helpful during the time of transition. A Task Force Chair serves as chair of the Task Force until the work of the Task Force is completed.

Ministry Team & Task Force chairs have a pastoral responsibility for those under their care. They are also responsible for ensuring that work of the Ministry Team or task force is grounded in the Word and that the team is regularly engaged in prayer and study as they carry out the ministry of the congregation. If an instance arises in which a chair believes that a pastoral issue is beyond their ability to handle effectively, they are encouraged to speak with the pastor or one of the Ministry Unit Moderators for advice and counsel.