Ministry of Stewardship

The Ministry of Stewardship exists to lead members of the congregation to a deeper understanding of Christian stewardship and shall foster giving among members to support the vision and mission of SSPC, Abingdon Presbytery, and the Presbyterian Church (USA). It also practices good stewardship by administering and caring for the resources of the congregation and assisting the other Ministry Units in doing the same by providing personnel, accounting, maintenance, and other services to enhance the life of the community. The work of this Ministry Unit is accomplished through the following teams:

Personnel: Oversees all personnel policies, guidelines, and procedures of the congregation. Supports, advises, and reviews all SSPC staff annually (in consultation with the pastor), making appropriate recommendations to the Session regarding wages, employment benefits, and discipline, when necessary. This team advises the Session in matters of hiring new employees, and handles any grievances from current employees, in consultation with the pastor when appropriate. Upon occasion, given particular circumstances and to maintain privacy and discretion, it may be necessary for this team to report directly to the Session on certain matters without making a report to other members of the Ministry Unit. In the case such a situation arises, this should be coordinated with the Ministry Unit Moderator, the Pastor, and the Clerk of Session.

Budget & Finance: This group exists to provide advice and expertise to the Session, the other ministry units, and to Ministry Teams regarding budget preparation. They prepare and recommend to the Session the process by which the budget is to be prepared and coordinate the process with the Commitment Team. Prior to the adoption of the budget, they make recommendations to the Session regarding it. When faced with a non-budgeted expenditure, this team recommends to the Session the source and/or availability of funds. They also advise as to the availability of funds for regular, budgeted expenditures. This team provides regular information to the congregation regarding the financial situation of the congregation, and provides for an annual audit of all finances. They review, monitor, and oversee the flow of offerings, including quarterly & annual giving reports. Additionally, this team handles the investment of the permanent funds and monitors the long-range financial outlook of the congregation. It is also this team’s responsibility to handle all offers of gifts to the congregation, including memorials, and make recommendation to the Session as to the acceptance and distribution of such.

Property Management: Practices good stewardship of the facilities by maintaining, managing, and being responsible for all property of the congregation, including the building and all its contents, the grounds, the van, and the parking lot. This team recommends improvements to any of the above; is responsible for insurance coverage to all of the above; ensures that the proper policies and procedures are followed for usage of any of the above; makes provision for repairs and maintenance for any of the above; and makes recommendations to the Session for changes in policy for any of the above. This team also regularly schedules congregational workdays so that all have the opportunity to care for the facilities and grounds.

Commitment: This team encourages a year-round emphasis on being good stewards of the gifts that God has given us by committing our resources to the work and mission of Sinking Spring Presbyterian Church. They are responsible for the design and implementation of an ongoing program designed to develop in our members a total commitment of life and resources that will regard tithing as a minimum expression of that commitment, and a lifestyle of stewardship in response to God’s blessings. They publicize, explain, and encourage participation in denominational and congregational special offerings and are responsible for developing programs that will encourage people to include SSPC in their wills.

Technology: This team oversees all technology needs of the congregation, including maintenance and purchase of computers, website development, use of social media, email, the telephone system, security, pager system, sanctuary sound/projection system, and any other technological aspects of the congregation’s life. This team is also responsible for regularly reviewing the technology in use by the congregation, recommending to Session any upgrades and/or purchases that may be necessary to carry out the ministry of the congregation, and making recommendations when other teams request technological upgrades and/or purchases.

Co-Moderators: Jim Bunn, and Jeff Johnson