Organizational Structure

Sinking Spring Presbyterian Church will coordinate the activities of its Ministry Teams and Task Forces through Ministry Units. The Ministry Units allow the Session to raise up and equip new leaders in the congregation, invite new people into participation in the community, and facilitate communication between the Ministry Teams and the Session, while allowing the Session to remain focused on the “big picture” of the mission, ministry, and vision of the congregation. Each Ministry Unit is served by two (2) Co-Moderators, who will be Session members appointed to the unit. The members of a Ministry Unit consist of the Moderator(s), the Chairs of Ministry Teams and/or Task Forces in the Unit, Elected Representatives of Organizations under the Unit, and Support Staff assigned to the Unit.

The primary purpose of a Ministry Unit is for training, leadership development, and communication: to ensure that the Session has a direct way to train, equip, and communicate vision to the Ministry Teams, and to ensure that Ministry Teams are able to have a direct line of access to the Session. Ideally, work is not done at the Ministry Unit level.

The secondary function of a Ministry Unit is pastoral care and concern for each member of the unit and the opportunity to “be” church before “doing” church. The moderator(s) of each unit, in addition to being conduits of communication, are also responsible for the pastoral and spiritual needs of the members in the unit.

Organizationally, Ministry Units have two functions. First, they are conduits for information so that communication flows readily both to and from the Session. Second, they provide an avenue to raise up, equip, and train new leaders so that the “business” of the congregation is shifted to the Ministry Teams leaving the Session free to concentrate on the overarching ministry, mission, and vision.

There are five (5) Ministry Units of SSPC:

  1. Ministry of Worship & Celebration
  2. Ministry of Spiritual Formation & Discipleship
  3. Ministry of Service & Outreach
  4. Ministry to the Congregation
  5. Ministry of Stewardship

A graphic representation of the organizational structure is below: