Christian Education


Spiritual Formation and Discipleship (Education) 2017

Educational Opportunities




Jesus and Me!

Sunday morning class for ages 5 through 5< grade.  Our children incorporate a hands-on approach to the stories of Jesus and how they relate to the children of today.  We begin a year’s study with Jesus’ childhood and follow him as he grows into his adult ministry.  We help the children understand what it would have been like to live in Jesus’ day.

Teens and God

Middle and High school youth learning together about God and how to fit him into a teenage world. Currently studying the curriculum, ‘So What’ answering questions ‘Who am I and why am I here?’ and ‘What is the true source of the brokenness around us?’ They are reading Genesis 1-3 in a new light and dealing with the hard and profound questions about life – questions that need God’s answers.

Christians Seeking Instruction

Adult class studying the book, ‘Believe’ by Randy Frazee. We meet on Sunday mornings with weekly handouts and a short video to enhance class discussion.  Folks need not worry, drop in when you can as each class is its own unit and handouts are always available to follow along.

Wednesday Night Study

Come join us on Wednesday evenings at 6pm.  Adult studies range from books from the bible to religions of the world to back to the basics on what is Christianity to learning about Martin Luther and his 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

Musser Scholarship

High School Seniors who attend their home church in Washington County Virginia are eligible to apply in the spring for a $1,000 scholarship.  Details are online and applications are due by April 1st.  Applicants will be notified by the first of May and they will also be invited to come to our church for a ceremony of recognition.

Wednesday Afterschool Program

Elementary aged children are invited to come to Sinking Spring on Wednesday afternoons after school during the school year.  Children from Abingdon Elementary and Watauga Elementary are brought directly to the church.  Snack is provided and then educational class till 5pm


Sinking Spring has a summer VBS every year.  It is a four-day adventure from 9am till 12noon.  Summer 2017 is all about being a Super Hero for God!  Put your cape on and charge your superpowers and join us June 26th – 29th.